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HNTB Project Engineer in Arlington, Virginia

What We're Looking For

Provides coordination of project execution and control, in a given discipline area, to achieve continuity of purpose within scope, budget, and time schedules from initial start-up through project closeout. Also accountable for handling specific design aspects on projects appropriate to discipline field. Coordinates efforts of assigned design team to ensure completeness and accuracy of design effort. Serves as technical liaison with client on project efforts. Responsible for gross revenue of <$1M.

Summary :

The Program Management/Construction Management (PM/CM) Project Engineer - Task Lead will be responsible for developing, coordinating, executing, managing, and completing tasks involved in the procurement of staff to achieve the goals of the program. Task Leads will work with a variety of Task Managers to define task order scopes, activities/tasks, goals, deliverables, milestones, and resources. Task Leads will create task order timelines, track procurement and task order schedules, as well as monitor and report on task order progress.

Task Leads will collaborate with Task Leads Team and Sr. Technical Writer to ensure the refinement of operational processes and procedures. Task Leads will coordinate, prepare and facilitate meetings with stakeholders and consultants. Task Leads must have excellent decision-making, leadership, and conflict resolution skills. Task Leads will receive assignments from and report to Sr Task lead

Task Lead Duties and Responsibilities :

Engage Task Managers in meetings regarding the task order, including the:

  • Development of scopes of work,

  • Coordination and preparation of pre-proposal presentations,

  • Review of responses to consultant questions.

  • Identification of technical evaluation team members,

  • Planning and evaluation of technical proposals and oral presentations with selected firms,

  • Evaluation of price proposals, and

  • Facilitation of kickoff meetings for awarded task orders.

Develop task order scopes by:

  • Gathering background information of a specific project or program,

  • Identifying problems that need to be addressed in a task order, and

  • determine program requirements, needs, issues, and staffing to achieve the objectives of a project/program.

  • Create scopes of work that address the needs and requirements of task orders.

  • Collaborate with estimator to determine Independent Cost Estimates for task orders.

  • Develop Request for Proposal (RFP) packages.

  • Communicate with the COTR designee to monitor purchase requisition approvals and purchase orders.

  • Schedule and facilitate pre-proposal conferences.

  • Receive prospective consultants’ questions and prepare responses

  • Evaluate technical proposals for compliance with RFP requirements.

  • Communicate with consultant firms who provided technical proposals that are out of compliance.

  • Review technical proposals and prepare evaluation forms to be completed by the technical evaluation team.

  • Schedule and facilitate technical evaluation team meetings to evaluate proposals.

  • Facilitate technical proposal and oral presentation evaluation discussions; facilitate ranking determinations; provide guidance to focus evaluations on RFP requirements.

  • Record the technical evaluation team’s evaluative comments and rankings; summarize the technical evaluation team’s comments, overall score, and general feedback.

  • Calculate overall scores for proposals received and determine the top ranked firms.

  • Facilitate communication with technical evaluation team to determine if oral presentations are necessary.

  • Review proposal evaluations and develop/prepare oral evaluation questions for the technical evaluation team’s feedback.

  • Review and analyze with the project estimator price proposals against independent cost estimates.

  • Determine negotiation points and develop pre-negotiation memoranda documenting objectives for negotiation.

  • Schedule and facilitate the price negotiation meeting with Task Managers and the top ranked firms.

  • Coordinate and communicate with top ranked firms to finalize price proposals and ensure costs are fair and reasonable for the task order.

  • Develop and prepare a summary record of negotiation to capture the concessions, agreements, and requirements determined through price negotiation meetings.

  • Develop and prepare an award justification memorandum summarizing the series of events that occurred beginning with the RFP release leading up to task order contract award.

  • Coordinate with Procurement lead to prepare and submit purchase orders.

  • Schedule and facilitate kickoff meetings for task orders.

  • Monitor task order invoicing processes and resolve issues that arise.

  • Communicate with consultant firms to ensure invoices are submitted correctly and on time.

  • Communicate with Task Managers to ensure task order milestones and deliverables are provided as stipulated in the task order contract.

  • Assist Task Managers and Procurement department representatives with Change Order Requests or Notices.

  • Assist Task Managers and Procurement with close-outs of task orders.

  • All other duties as assigned.

Knowledge and Skills Requirements :

The Task Lead’s must have strong interpersonal communication skills, be highly organized, and able to communicate with diverse audiences. Additionally, they must be able to produce technically sound and well-written documents, specifically procurement documents used to develop solicitation packages and evaluate proposals. Task Leads must have proficiency working experience with Microsoft Word, and basic knowledge of additional Microsoft Suite programs (such as Excel, OneNote, and Outlook), as well as possess the ability to use a web-based collaborative platform for document management and storage such as SharePoint. They should be adaptable, analytical, and possess excellent verbal and written ability. The Task Leads must able to: manage multiple competing tasks, schedules, update and maintain all documents in SharePoint, and think critically to solve any and all problems.

What You'll Need

Essential Responsibilities:

  • Responsible for the delivery of project discipline scope elements within budget and schedule.

  • Oversees completeness and accuracy of project team’s work. Guides team to overall project objectives.

  • Serves as technical liaison with client at staff level for work within the discipline.

  • Assists with project management duties.

  • Performs other duties as assigned.

Minimum Qualifications:

  • Bachelor's degree in Engineering

  • 6 years relevant experience

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